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is simple, math is fun, and once you have the secret key to understanding all math equations by putting all unnecessary information aside, and only focusing on the numbers & letters you need, then you will see how easy it is, and how effortless it will be to score very high in all your tests and exams.

I was not always good at math, in fact, I still remember how much I struggled with it. But something happened when I was a teenager which changed all that. Let me tell you about my journey in becoming the 'Master of Numbers'. I hope it will inspire you to confront your fears - if you have any - with math. Otherwise I hope it will confirm for you that math is as easy as fun and games!

          This is me as a kid, here in this photo, age about 7, I had just graduated from first grade in Elementary School: in Singapore where I was born, we call that Primary One. I was a good kid, and in general a good student - but I had problems with math.

It was the hard truth and a bitter pill to swallow, because my parents were bankers, they were good at math, and no matter how much they tried to help, I struggled with the subject all the way through Elementary and Middle School.

I was nailing it in the other subjects – Geography was good, History was good, Literature was good, my science subjects were not bad either – but math kept getting in the way and pulling my aggregates down.

Do you know how it feels when your friends are getting all the awards and the high scores, and you're not?
Do you know how it feels to be called a weak student, and being told again and again to work harder?
Do you know how it feels when your parents are quiet and reticent because they feel disappointed that you cannot live up to their dreams that one day you will be better than them?

          I barely made it through high school – we call it secondary school in Singapore. Math was my pain point, my achilles’ heel. It made school unenjoyable for me.

I started turning to sport in order to forget my problems in class, and also because I needed something I could really excel in. I took up badminton and golf and, like I told you I would do, I genuinely excelled in them.

I found the rules in both these sports to be extremeful helpful in grasping their respective concepts.

          Badminton and golf do not have difficult rules to follow, but the rules are strictly set. Gradually, I found out that by implementing the rules I learnt in golf and badminton to numbers, I probably would have a shot at math. 

In golf it is necessary to have a birds-eye view of the course: you must know the ins-and-outs of the course, and once you do, you must create a strategy that will take you from one shot to another.

It’s just like chess. There are short-cuts, but you must make them happen. Also, in golf it is best to aim in the middle of the green and keep beathing constantly and keeping in control of one’s movements, so nothing is wasted. Golf gave me the discipline I needed to work on my math problem.

          I started seeing golf balls as numbers, and the course as the equation. In understanding that in any equation, every factor ranks differently in importance, I created a strategy to quickly weed out the less important ones and segregating them by recognizing the important ones. This requires an overview of the problem that I will teach you in my Math Mad MosesMentorship Program.

My method in solving a math equation involves separating the various elements so they don’t mix, but having in mind that they are all part of one big playground. Just like in badminton, the points all add up to a tally: I realized that in math, the solution is usually just putting all the different parts together after you have disassembled the question.

I realized that the problem I had been having with Math all along was that I wasn't taught to recognize the different elements within a whole, and the role each element had to play, but rather I was trying to solve an equation from start to finish as if it was one entire bite-sized hamburger!

That kind of rote-learning with formulas might work with some people, but it didn’t work with me – so I had to find my own way around math. It took me a little bit of practice with my new ideas until the time it came to the big High School exam: I could now solve any equation in only two steps - when it took the other students three steps.

My teachers were amazed, my parents were impressed.

Suddenly I became a hero overnight. I scored the highest marks for math in my class - indeed, in my graduation year, and nobody could believe it.

Let me tell you how important it is to do well in math. When you master math, when you master numbers, you can do anything, you can choose to work in any field and in virtually any profession, because numbers are everywhere.

Upon graduation from high school, I gained all my confidence back. I was accepted into the prestigious London School of Economics and graduated three years later with a Bachelors’ Degree, with First Class Honours, in Accounting and Finance.


          I would have continued with my studies, but was immediately headhunted to work in a famous London investment bank where I stayed another three years and worked with some very high-profile clients and managing portfolios worth hundreds of millions of British pounds.

Subsequently, I was invited to work for another famous and important investment firm in New York and Singapore, and had to travel frequently on long-haul flights in business or first class between the two countries. I was living the high-life, the kind of life most of my peers could only dream of having.

After a number of years, the lifestyle got too tiring for me. So I decided to return permanently to my home-country of Singapore where I worked for several investment firms, before starting my own venture. I was privileged to manage clients’ assets worth over $100 million US dollars, and I started pulling in a salary of seven figures every year.

          Why am I telling you all this? Not to boast, but rather to emphasise to you that all this became possible for me because I mastered math - do you see its POWER? If you want the best future for yourself, or maybe you are a parent searching for the best math instruction for your child, then look no further.

You can do it too, I can show you how, no matter what level you are currently at with the subject - with my unique Math Mad Moses Mentorship Program.


          It was at this time upon my return to Singapore - a country that is well-known for its math education - that I also started to teach as a guest lecturer at some of the best local universities, and this is how I came to realize my love of teaching and mentoring. So last year, enamored with the prospect of coaching, and after much deliberation, I sold my business and decided it was finally time to retire, but not before I had passed down my secret to mastering math and numbers to students all over the world: so, don't be a statistic - be a SUPER MATH GENIUS!

Yours in Faith & Success,

See immediate results. Secure for yourself a bright future with limitless possibilities! 

Math Mad Moses

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