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Hey Guys! I know it's a very important time for all of you right now, your exams are coming up, and you will need some help with math. So I'm going to help all of you with your math because I know that once you use my method -

  • you will succeed,
  • you will see immediate results, and
  • you will get the amazing scores and grades you've always wanted.

I've just started this online mentorship program: in the past I have had to welcome students to my home or to my office - so I'm really liking the new possibilities that technology has given us. And also, with the COVID-19 pandemic that's ongoing everywhere, I understand that it's not advisable to be leaving the house much. All my lessons therefore have been shifted online in the form of webinars.


All lessons with me are one-on-one coaching calls in which every individual student gets my full attention. It’s also possible to bring on a friend or two, but I like to keep the maximum number of students per lesson to three so that each student is able to receive 100% from me. Students in the Mentorship Program will receive a weekly schedule of topics to be discussed. This just serves as a guide: mentorship students can otherwise request for any topic they choose for their coaching calls with me.

A typical lesson of 60 minutes is structured in the following manner:

  • I will discuss a topic according to my weekly schedule OR which the students have particularly requested
  • I will then show how to solve representative questions using my unique method
  • After which I let students solve other challenging questions from the topic, using my method, and I provide over-the-shoulder instruction at every step so that they thoroughly learn the right way and the quickest way to solve each problem 
  • Q & A session: students can ask anything they want - even covering questions from other topics - and I will be on-hand to clarify

In my 27 years of personalised math coaching, I have found that this inclusive and interactive way of instruction produces the best results. In fact, I am so confident of my unique and powerful Math Mad Mosesmethod that I guarantee 100% results! If you do not see any improvement in your math, I will refund you your money back 100%! That's just how I am, that's how strongly I believe that this program can influence and change your life. But don't just take my word for it: hear what some of my former and current students have to say!



"I'm so fortunate to have benefitted from Moses' coaching in the past! In fact, since my PSLE days he had been my only math tutor.
What he taught complemented what I learnt at school and gave me the edge I needed to stay on top of my game. I believe there is no better alternative to learning math - highly, highly recommended!"

- Darryl A. 
Yale University '09


"I'd been having trouble obtaining desirable GMAT exam scores due to issues with the math questions. Then, I came across a cost effective training program offered by Moses, which could be done at my own time and pace. I note an improvement in my analytical skills, particularly under exam conditions, and am now confident of getting a desirable GMAT score soon. Much more desirable than having tuition at my age!" 

Desmond T.

- National University of Singapore '01


"Moses' special math method has helped me tremendously! I have been able to apply all his techniques even till today. If you're looking for a math tutor or coach, I recommend him without reservation!"

Udomkunnatam K.
- Carnegie Mellon University '01


"Moses is amazing! And his special methods are out-of-this-world! Math was always my weakest subject, but after just a few lessons I went from all Ds to all As! This is simply magic!"

Althea J.
- Student, The Philippines


"Through the classes with Moses I learnt not to feel so overwhelmed and helpless with a math problem as I used to before, but to take it apart into small steps. I feel ready for my upcoming exams. Thank you!"

Marla H.

- Student, Germany


"Because of the extra math help with Moses, I learnt to be more comfortable around complex equations. By being extremely open-minded and willing to answer any questions, he gave me more confidence in my own math skills. The classes were very interactive and inviting, which helped maintain a supportive and friendly atmosphere."

Lina S.

- Student, The Netherlands


Allow me to explain the simple pricing strategy.

1. There are single lesson charges...

The fee per lesson per student is SGD$70.

For every friend you recommend, you get 20% off per lesson!

2. ...or there are also packages that you can purchase which will lower the cost per lesson:

Silver (6 lessons)

SGD $390

Gold (12 lessons)

SGD $790

Platinum (20 lessons)

SGD $1,300

GENIUS (40 lessons)

SGD $2,550

Receive a further reduction of 5% off each package for every friend you bring along.

Isn't that simple? Math is simple, and so are my prices! Sign up here if you'd like a free lesson, but why wait any longer? Start your winning math journey NOW by making your first purchase at the Math Mad Moses™ SuperStore!

"Please, please, Moses...
Make me a Super Math Genius

Math Mad Moses

Math Mad Moses
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